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Fritz Grupe in water obstacle


2015 CDE


September 17 - 20

Shady Oaks Farm

Lodi, CA

Shady Oaks CDE

the CDE at Shady Oaks
Competitor Info.


  • Read this page for Competitor-specific info.
  • There is more info. (directions, schedules, golf cart rentals, rules etc.)
    on the General Info. page.

New this year - Enter online via drivingentries.com

On this page:









DrivingEntries.com  -- When you register, you enter your information (name, address, ADS#, and your horse's information) one time.  Then each time you enter an event, that information is automatically filled in.  Choose your show, select the division and class you are entering, and select the items you need (camping, meals, etc).   It calculates your total fees for you, just mail the check to the Secretary, along with signed copies of the Shady Oaks Waiver.   Your entry information is sent electronically to the Show Secretary.  You will receive confirmation via email from the Secretary.  

Alternatively, fill out the paper forms listed below and mail everything to the Secretary.

Competitor Check List:

    1. Entry Form:
      Training, Preliminary, Intermediate > use the ADS Combined Driving Form (two pages: entry form & disclaimer)
      Advanced > use the USEF Combined Driving Form (two pages: entry form & disclaimer)
    2. Announcer Sheet:
      download: click here
    3. Shady Oaks Waiver (print 2 copies, because grooms/gators must also sign):
      download: click here
    4. Shady Oaks Camping & Meals Form
      download: click here
    5. Copy of ADS or USEF Membership Card
    6. Equine Health Certificates (out-of-state horses only): see requirements in Competition Info. below
    7. Advanced Ponies: see requirement for height card in Competition Info. below
    8. Scores from previous events: see requirements in Entry Info. below
    9. Checks payable to Grupe Operating Co:
      1. Entry Check - include all fees in one check
      2. Separate refundable stall deposit check

If your groom/gator is not available to sign your entry form, please ask him/her to download *both* the ADS (or USEF) waiver and the Shady Oaks waiver, and mail them to the Secretary in advance.  Scanning and emailing is acceptable.

The forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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COMPETITION DATES: September 17-20, 2015

Entries Open: August 1, 2015
Entries Close: August 30, 2015

Entries will be accepted first come, first served.
Entries will not be accepted if postmarked before the opening date.
Enter via DrivingEntries.com or mail entries to Show Secretary. (info at left above)

Driver/Groom twice around allowed on marathon? (Article 943)

Yes. Competitors and/or Navigators, or any combination thereof, may go a MAXIMUM of two times on course, schedule permitting.  In order to go twice around, Organizer must be notified via email by August 31. Any requests made after August 31 will not be honored.

Special Qualifications:

Competitors must submit scores from previous 2014 or 2015 ADS or USEF approved CDEs or HDTs at the level at which they are requesting entry to the Shady Oaks CDE.

Competitors will be notified of entry status by August 31.

The ADS Omnibus listing for this event can be found at:

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Payable to: Grupe Operating Company

Entry Fee:

$275 Preliminary, Intermediate, Advanced
$225 Training

Post Entry Fee:

$50 additional.  Any change to an entry after closing date constitutes a post entry and the additional fee of $50 will be required.

Stall Fee: $155, which includes 2 bales of shavings. Additional shavings may be purchased at the event.

Stall Deposit: $50 (separate check)

Other Fees:

$5 ADS Competition Fee per competitor in Training, Preliminary and Intermediate divisions.   USEF entries in the Advanced division do not pay this fee.

ADS Non-Member Fee: $30  (Non-members pay only this, do not pay the above $5 fee)

USEF Non-Member Fee: $30

CA State Drug Fee: $5 per horse

USEF Drug Fee (ADVANCED ENTRIES ONLY) $16  per horse that is competing

Admin fee: $20 per entry

All applicable ADS and USEF non-member fees must be paid prior to issuance of competitor packet.

Entry & Stall Refund Policy: 100% less 25% administration fee with vet certificate.

Meals: Lunch will be available onsite for purchase

Thursday EveningDinner: $20 each – purchase tickets with entry.

Friday EveningDinner: $20 each – purchase tickets with entry.

Saturday Competitors Dinner: $35 each – purchase tickets with entry.

Camping: See the General Info. page for details.

Download the Camping & Meal Form and send in with your Entry.

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  • Health certificate within 30 days for out of state horses.
  • Negative Coggins within one year of show date for out of state entries.
  • Influenza required for Advanced level per USEF rules.
  • West Nile Vaccination highly recommended.


Advanced Ponies: Please provide copy of pony measurement card with entry.
ADS Ponies: Please provide copy of USEF pony measurement card with entry if available.


Passports are not required, however if no passport is available, competitor must provide a means of identification of the horse/pony for the First Inspection.


Please see Golf Cart section of General Info. page for more info.
Golf cart rental must be arranged directly with the golf cart company.  This should be done well in advance, as they are likely to sell out, and there will not be spare carts available at the show.
Note: ATVs, Gators and Mules can be used only to access obstacles, not out on course.

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Training - Test 2
Preliminary - Test 2
Preliminary Teams or Tandems - Test 5 on Thursday in 100m arena
Intermediate - Test 7
Advanced Single Ponies - Test 3* C HP1 (former FEI Test 9)
Advanced Pony Pairs - Test 3* C HP2 (former FEI Test 8B)
Advanced Pony Teams - Test 3* B HP 4 (former FEI Test 11)
Advanced Single Horse - Test 3* C (former FEI Test 9)
Advanced Horse Pairs - Test 3* B HP 2 (former FEI Test 11)
Advanced Horse Teams - Test 3* B HP 4 (former FEI Test 11)

Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Grass/Grass


Terrain: Dirt and oil surface through obstacles and vineyard, water crossing and bridge
Training 3 Sections; 12 km; 5 Obstacles
Preliminary 3 Sections; 14 km; 6 Obstacles
Intermediate 3 Sections; 15 km; 7 Obstacles
Advanced 3 Sections; 19 km; 7 Obstacles


Training  Clearance:  Per ADS Rules.
Preliminary Clearance: Per ADS Rules. Note: Standard widths apply per ADS rules.
Intermediate Clearance: Per ADS Rules. Note: Standard widths apply per ADS rules.
Advanced Clearance: Per USEF Rules

Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Grass/Grass

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10 x 10 covered stabling with doors.

On-site stabling is mandatory.

All stabling will be at the discretion of the organizer.

The portable stabling will be the primary stabling used. Special requests will be accommodated if possible.

Fees for stabling listed above.

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1st - 6th for each class.

ADS North American Preliminary Championship

Special Awards - If you are interested in sponsoring a special award, contact Irma (info. above).

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