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Wuhu Huayi Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Huayi valve5Big core advantage

  • 01

    Perfect After Service

    Provided by Huayi valve 7*24h after sales service.Problems encountered during the use of the valve can be called at any time and will be solved by A specially assigned person will serve you!

  • 02

    Compact Installation

    Three products and seven installations.Huayi valve selects an installation master with more than 10 years of experience to avoid your worries.After the installation is completed, proceed first Valve test,Conditional progress Operation experiment.The installer is for you Explain the precautions for use.

  • 03

    Quality Ensure

    Strictly select stable suppliers from the source Eliminate potential quality hazards Sophisticated production equipment,Each valve has undergone a lot of tempering, which makes you feel at ease International ISO9001 quality management system。The valves are tested before leaving the factory Strict quality inspection,Responsibilities are tracked to teams and people.

  • 04

    Strength Guarantee

    Strong production capacity and sufficient inventory,Most valves are in stockModern production workshop, responsible production workers and conscientious sales personnel,Huayi valve will escort you!

  • 05

    Industry experience Rich

    More than ten yearsValve production experience, craftsman spirit and excellent qualityIntroduce the characteristics and application scope of valves of various materials,A variety of options are available for you to choose from.

Wuhu Huayi Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd

WUHU HUAYI VALVE GROUP(Manufacturer Co.,LTD) is located in the Anhui trade center---WuHu city, near by the famous scenery field of Huangshan Mountain and Buddhism Holy Land of Jiuhua Mountain. It is a high and new technical enterprise being professional for the design, research, development, production and sale in the line of valve and pipe fitting wh···

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